How do I become more attractive to guys at my school?

i am a sophomore in high school and I have never had a boyfriend. I am overweight and I have just always contributed this to my singleness. I think my weight is the direct result, and indirect result. because of it, I am self conscience and shy. I'm not very outgoing around people I don't know. but once I start talking to them, I open up easily. well, I guess it depends on who it is.

so, while I am trying to change the way I look( I just joined track, and I go the gym sometimes, and I'm trying to eat healthier) how can I make myself look more attractive to boys at my school? besides my appearance. like the way I walk to class? little things guys notice that maybe doesn't have to do with appearance. I feel like the way I look on the outside(fat) doesn't reflect my personality on the inside. and sometimes guys don't even give me a chance to get to know them. how do I change this? any advice?

thank you :)


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  • I'm sorry to tell you this but guys generally do not notice those little things you are thinking of. Guys, especially younger guys like around your age are pretty superficial and just as you thought looks are the most important thing. My advice would be to keep trying to be healthier and lose weight and people will notice. Other than that I would not try to change your appearance or your personality just to try and fit in better. Lose the weight, keep being you, and eventually you will find the right guy.


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  • Well drop your standards if you are looking at guys like the high school QB.

    Other than that just be more outgoing and talkative. Stop being so shy and work on the physique.

    You will be amazed if you do everything right how good you can make yourself look.

    Just because you are "fat" does not mean you are to be single.

    I see larger couples all the time. It all has to do with you not being outgoing enough.

    Can't expect to be a pro football player if you never practice football.

    Just like you can't expect to find a man if you never talk to them or go anywhere that you may meet them.

    Aside from all that perhaps dress cuter. Dress in things that compliment your body rather than work against it. Don't want anything to give you a muffin top lol.

  • It takes awhile to get out of the shallow waters, but there are guys out there, but chances are they are already taken or shy themselves. So my only advice really is to lose some weight, guy's use their eyes to judge women right now, it's natural of them, and they can't help it, so if you really want to have someone, appearance is very important right now.

    • Or you could set your physical standards on the opposite gender lower, and go after fat guys.

  • Dont go to the gym sometimes go everyday, even before you see results you'll feel more confident and your weight has nothing to do with your personality there's no reason to not be outgoing


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  • honey when I was in high school all my boyfriends started of as my friends or friends of friends. you don't need to change how you look or weigh because I saw your pic and you look cute to me. just have confidence be yourself and be a little flirty :)

    do you really want to get a boyfriend who is only with you because of how you look? be yourself and eventually a nice guy will come along and ask you out. I find when your constantly looking for a guy you will never get one but if you just relax and live life for yourself and try to make yourself happy ussually a million guys will start popping ot of nowhere for you because they I guess sense the possitive attitude that your vibing off.

    little tip

    i used to always wear kitten heels (which are flats with a little heel) I always felt a little cuter with a little heel and it made me walk sexier lol

    • thank you :) I know what you mean about the whole "constantly looking for a guy" thing. I tried not to, and when certain situations happened, two new guys all of a sudden started becoming a part of my life, it was so unexpected. and I was thinking that it was finally going to happen(because I stopped looking). but now they are both just my friends and they both have girlfriends :P

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    • no I don't really like anybody at school. I don't know that many boys. I only have one close guy friend and he's the one of the guys that I mentioned.

    • oh and he doesn't go to my school either so he can't help me out. and when I said I only have one close guy friend. I meant as in guys. he's the only guy I really talk to. or well, enjoy talking to :p

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