Excess Fat, Odd Shaped Stomach... And A Six Pack?

My stomach is quite odd: I can roll it like a belly dancer, make myself look pregnant.. From the side view, it looks like the top of a heart. It goes out, pinches in near the belly button and goes out again where I have quite a bit of excess fat. I have a decent BMI, 20.7 which means I'm right in the middle of a normal weight. But the odd part is that I also have a six pack, despite the fat. They aren't extremely toned, and I don't work out. I run for 2 months a year during the cross country season, but otherwise, basically nothing. I'm just curious how it's possible for me to have a six pack when I have this little pocket of flub and what I can do to make my stomach flatter?

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  • Wow. That is rear :P. But the physic trait is much attainable.

    You have strong, defined abdominal muscles, but still fat accumulations within your stomach tissues. Not the muscles of course, there below the fat, which is under your skin.

    But we all have abdominal muscles. Some bigger and denser than others, dependent on bodily tissue structure of the muscles, and also impacted by our activity levels, for example whether we exercise working those muscles specifically, or our lifestyle activities incorporate use of them muscles. Hence they get stronger, and denser, and grow in mass; this being from the tearing of tiny muscle fibers when used in excess. During rest, these muscle fibers then repair themselves, thickening and becoming denser, increasing the mass/ size of the muscle as well as strengthening it. This is called 'hypo-trophy'.

    I hope you don't bash me for going into that much depth, but I just wanted to share some knowledge and allow you to understand how this may be genetically or due to the effects of exercise or activity.

    But anyway, so fat and muscle size are non correlated in that respect. But when your talking about 'muscle definition', the two usually correlate in respect to the ''muscle definition'' a person appears to depict. As when you have a lower fat accumulation around the muscle, this allows the muscular shape and size to appear more obvious to the eye. As less 'blobby stuff' is pasted over it. The shape and size can be identified more distinctly.

    Now you can identify a guy with a reasonably average fat content, in relation to his size, and a large muscular mass, because of his physic. I'm sure your depicting him now as the 'hefty, goon like bulked figure'. Not a depiction of a athletic guy, but a bulky proportioned guy.

    As well as a guy with very low fat content, and yet low muscle mass too. This guy you probably have already visualized, would appear to have 'muscle definition' because of his low fat content covering his muscles, so there shape appears more defiant. Even though he doesn't have much muscle mass! So he could have a six pack, but we all do... its just a scaled down version (in comparison to body builders abdominal muscle sizes) buried beneath a larger layer of fat.

    Burning that fat would reveal the definition of your abdominal muscles. Or else where.

    So you just have a larger mass of muscle within your abdominal region. :P ... which is good!

    Well I would see it that way.

    But if you've accumulated it through exercises or activity, and not genetics, then its because working a certain region of muscles increases the muscle mass and strength from resulting 'muscle hypertrophy', but does not necessarily burn fat around that region. You can't control what fat is used as energy to fuel your body when your body needs that fat for energy through lacking sources left in the body.

    This is the miss understanding that causes the miss-conception that sit ups will 'flatten' your stomach.

    • As well as any other part of your body. Your body uses the fat as energy, therefore it can take it from where ever its biologically strategized to take it. Which from my knowledge no scientist nor physical instructor of any kind is aware of where the body specifically burns fat first when applying different exercises.

      But skeletal muscles are used for different purposes all around the body and putting a purpose into action to 'use' that muscle in order to strengthen it, is logically justified.

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    • as far* -__- ... typing skills? my ass... lol

    • hahaha I didn't even notice the type..

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  • It will take hard exercise and discipline to remove that type of stomach flab

    Personally, I find this the most effective ab exercise and would advise it to anybody

    1. Lie face up on your mat and place your hands behind your head, lightly supporting it with your fingers.

    2. Bring the knees in to the chest and lift the shoulder blades off the floor without pulling on the neck.

    3. Rotate to the left, bringing the right elbow towards the left knee as you straighten the other leg.

    4. Switch sides, bringing the left elbow towards the right knee.

    5. Continue alternating sides in a 'pedaling' motion for 1-3 sets of 12-16 reps.

    View the below video for more detailed instructions.



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