Ray BanWay Farer Glasses?


I am 29, just curious to know what you guys think about Ray Ban's Way farer? Will they look cool as prescription glasses?

I fear I may look too old or nerdy in these , what you guys suggest?


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  • Wayfarers will always look good, and they were very fashionable for a long time, but personally speaking, they have become a total passe now. If you concern is that you would look old and nerdy, then no, they won't. I don't know anyone how treats them that way.

    But the reason I will discourage you, is because now, they are mostly worn by people who try to act like fashionistas but are actually catching up on trends which are dying down by now and have kinda lost their charm.

    I will give you some suggestions to google some very trendy glasses designers, whose frames you can either buy or buy replicas of if you see them anywhere.

    - Jean Paul Gaultier (Especially the Vintage ones)

    - Mykita (Very smart looking and not too high fashion, but with an edgy look)

    - Cutler and gross

    - selima optique

    These designers make shades too, so basically just look at the frames and try to find them in the market.

    Other than that, wayfarers or any glasses for that matter aren't for everyone. it all depends on your face cut. So google that because there will be articles to explain and help better than I can.

    Hope this helps you out.

    • Thanks for suggestions, Mykite also looks good!

    • Yes, google for the best designers of optical frames, and choose the veterans and pioneers because glasses for me, are not something you should compromise on, so buy quality frames and they will definitely be worth it. Anything but Ray Ban, because that has become too commercial now and they have ran out of ideas tbh. Just like All star's converse shoes. Good looking, but way too dragged over the passage of time.

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  • They are classic! You are not too old to be wearing them!

  • No, I love them! you should buy them :)


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  • Get all of the accoutrements - anti scratch coating, UV protection, the works. When you're completely satisfied, your brain always justifies the cost


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