What kinds of formal dresses do guys like on girls?

On a younger girl, fit and pretty.

Give me lots of details, please!

Like if there's a kind of shoe, a kind of jewelry, hair,anything that you like to see on a girl when she's getting dressed up.


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  • A young pretty girl.. definitely some kind of jewelry (not flashy, just simple)

    She should have some kind of style that she usually wears everyday.

    Shoe's aren't really important as long as you wear the appropriate ones for example: don't wear flip flops to a nice restaurant.

    The hair should smell good ( wash it before you go on a date) .

    Clothes not soo revealing as to show off your assets to the world but not so covered as if saying "your never gona get any of this".

    Just wear something casual not slutty nor grandma...ish.

    Try and not use that hair straightner so much because it leaves a burned smell in girl's hair and that's a turn off :X

    I personally DO NOT like too much make up.. I think a little eye liner is ok and sum lip gloss but not a girl that has soo much make up that she looks unnatural and fake.


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  • it depends on what you wear on a day to day basis. based on that you can move on from there. like metaldave20 said if you are into wearing skirts, skirt then. I personally like a dress that goes to the knees or a little shorter. Nothing hardcore slutty though. Wear a necklace that matches, and do the hair nice. I like girls that make their hair wavy and wear it long.

  • depends on your casual style, like if you like to wear skirts etc... then something a little more low cut and the sort

    if you're more a "punk" look, then maybe something a little more flashier than what you might wear to school in the "punk" look

  • i personally like a dress that ends right at the knees or just above or below the knees(not a fan of poofy dresses). some type of necklace that goes wiht the dress. I also like the hair kinda curled, but pulled away from the face.


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