I need help with my style?

I’m trying to change my life and trying to attract girls. Mostly what I think doesn’t matter anymore.

I need help in terms of style. Is there anything I need to wear or improve on? by the way I’m a college student in California and I’m bigger in size (tall and overweight). Please no trend clothing if possible. Trends come and go and I don’t have money to follow short lived trends.

My Clothes:

I usually wear polos and dress shirts (long sleeve and short sleeve) mostly black or dark colors. I also wear some designed t-shirts flannel shirts. I have one basic sweat jacket that is brown (I don’t need it that much.) All of my jeans are Levis or some other basic brands. My jean colors are dark –light blue and black. The shoes I wear are black converses and black and grey vans. I have one black New Era 51/50 with the Oakland A’s. What should I wear these that is cool but not a trend (if possible)?


My hair is short-medium length and kinky but easily relaxed. What should I do it my hair? How should p*bic hair be trimmed?


I have good hygiene. I am a clean man. However what teeth whitener should I use? I already have Rembrandt whitening toothpaste and mouthwash is there anything better? I’m always eating Altoids (smalls in particular) to have nice breath. Are there any better mints or gum? What more should I do with my hygiene that most people don’t do? (If any)


I got a gift box of Old Spice Swagger and Fuji deodorant and body wash a couple days ago. I have the colognes of Lucky You and Lucky #6 by the brand "Lucky." What type of deodorants/body washes/colognes should I wear?


I work at Costco as a demonstrator for $11/hr 12-18 hrs a week. It's kind of a humiliating job and not cool looking at all. I also live with my parents and they take most of my money and I can't save money. I should have about 3 grand in my bank account and I only have 308. I also don't have a car. How do I get a better job and get even more money?


Anything else I can work on? (Please don’t say personality)


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  • Wow you sound great, I'd date you :)

    Have you tried approaching females? If so what "type"?

    Your appearance is good, impressions do go a long way, have you also tried to work out?

    If not I suggest you go for a more humble female, a lot of chicks are shallow witches.


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