I'm debating whether to shave or not?

That's it

I wanna get a little soul patch and kind of a little patch on my chin but connected

I don't know how to explain it but yeah

If you know what I mean then let me know what you think
If you wanted to see a picture of myself all you had to do was look on my profile :P


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  • I looked on your profile and couldn't see any pictures, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say Shave. Generally speaking, at least in my opinion, guys look better with no facial hair when they're anything younger than thirty (guys over can grow it and not look funny).

    • Fair enough

      I have to shave it anyways cause of my school's dress code

      But still

    • Really? Your dress code is that strict? That sucks. Even if you do look better without it, no guy should be forced to have to shave a bit of facial hair for school. :/

    • Seniors are allowed a trim beard or mustache

      I'm still a junior

      But thank you

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  • really depends on the guy. I'd need a picture to tell you if I think it would work on you.

    • your profile was def. on private before. buuuut, I think you could probably pull off a little facial hair. to be honest, it doesn't look like you're someone who would deeefinitely look great or horrible with it, so it'd probably be a personal preference from girl to girl.

    • Thanks

      I'll definitely try it next year when my school allows it

  • Depends on how your face looks like. Well, how do you look like?

  • Soul patches are the worst. I never like them on anyone.

    • Why not?

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    • Good, they're not flattering

    • Well I like them

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