What's the right haircut for me?

Hey just wondering what you girls think would be a good haircut for me I got something special on saturday so I wanted to look good right now my hairs pretty long for me and I was trying to figure what type of face I have, square, rectagular, pair, triangler, oval or circle and what would be a good cut :)

ill post a pic its of my hair spiked but I don't do that anymore looking for something new


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  • well I am a cosmotologist and it all depends on your face shape and facial features and also your style... send me some pics and I will see what I come up with.

    • Ok I will once I find out how to link it to this website :)

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    • The only "bedhead" hairstyle I can think of is when you just roll out of bed and do nothing with your hair... is that what you mean?

    • Or you have that messy surfer hair.... I guess that can be considered "bedhead"

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