Uneven skin tone. How can I get the rest of my body fair as the upper part of the body is?

im so worried about how my body looks, I feel embarrassed of the fact that my body looks fine as long as it's hidden inside my clothes. I can't imagine! showing my body even to my husband after marriage because of its appearance. I never wear short skirts, bikinies or any skin showing clothing as everyone else can. I feel pity on myself looking at other girls having great bodies while I can't:( Now to the point, the color of my body is not as Fair as my face, chest, tummy and legs. (starting from my lower back..down to the budcheeks) I have Uneven skin tone due to (hyper-pigmentation) where small pigments appear on the skin making it look dull and darker than the rest of the body. IS THERE ANY HELP I CAN GET? I want to love my body one day knowing I can look great too and stop feeling embarrase about it. Please let me know if there's any help I can get.


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  • Talk to your doctor. There may be something they can suggest like a spray tan? They are fairly inexpensive. Also, look around guys are not with perfect looking girls for long. A guy will love you for who you are and how you act towards him. Not all of them, but there are some out there that are cool.

  • go to a dermatolagist and find out. but I know if I saw someone with that, I wouldn't think they looked wierd! alpha hydroxy acid cleansers work well to fade scars and stuff since they remove dead skin cells in a flash. I don't know maybe that would work for u! def talk to a dermatologist.

    • Yeah I've been thinking about visitng one..and dermatologist and skin specialist are samething aren't they?

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    • Yeah true that, but until I get to see any dermatologist, can you please at least tell me right now if this thing CAN be cured?

    • Probably! there's probably at least ways to make it less extreme.