I don't know what's more depressing than losing your looks at age 22.

I have become uglier as I have gotten older. and no, its not all in my mind. my mother even tells me that I am looking uglier and older (and she's very honest),

i suffer from depression, and I feel moreso depressed because I don't look good as I used to. these days, I find that nobody really approaches me in school and I am alone most of the time at uni.

i feel overcome with depression and the feeling of loneliness.

because of my low self esteem, I don't bother approaching anybody in school nor do I try to participate in school clubs and whatnot.

i just wish I had my old looks back.

can anybody else relate to my feelings? how devastating it is to have lost your looks and see how differently you are treated by people and how others act around you?


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  • I'm not sure but I think my looks have deteriorated somewhat over the last 5 or 6 years even though my girl won't say that. As I've gotten older and have gotten more problems in life I learned that I get used to dealing with big problems and over time become mostly unbothered my them. I dealt with a shoulder issue and couldn't workout for years, thankfully over now. The good thing is that life isn't all about your looks and it might be good to try and place your value into other things as well so it's not so depressing as you age.


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  • you must love yourself before others may love you

    It's all in your head

    You are still the same great girl

    Just look a little deeper

    Look in the mirror and actually think of what has changed.

    I doubt you actually look different.

    Good luck

    • no sir...im really not the same girl. I am uglier than before and that's a fact and its really bad to look bad.

    • I'm sure you look beautiful regardless

      Who says you look uglier?

      [It's a rhetorical Q, it doesn't matter who said it. I am saying that you don't need anyones approval to feel good. If you feel good then its good enough for you but if you think that you're 'ugly' (which I highly doubt) then you must figure it out yourself and think why do you think that way]

      There is no magic pill that will heal you or a magic concealer.

      You must find it within yourself :)

      Good luck Miss =)

  • I think everyone goes through a phase where they feel this way. One time I got kind of fat and unattractive, at around 18. It feels pretty sucky.

    • well, I'm sure its not a phase. its probably going to get worse if I don't do anything about it...being depressed makes it worse and harder to lose weight

  • I think getting a terminal illness at 22 would be worse.


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  • Yes, I lost my looks right after I start having boobs. Smile :)

  • u propbably haven't lost your looks. maybe you are just in a slump. just look happy even though you are dying on the inside. just try to be the prettiest you can be when you leave the house. just be happy about the small things and don't sweat the small troubles

  • Yup. I gained weight and I used to look so much better. Here is the thing, I decided to make a plan and stick to it. I decided to eat healthy, exercise, wear the clothes I have in my wardrobe instead of just having them right there and all in all take action! Intstead of feeling depressed, you need to get up and make a plan. Now! right now! If it is about weight, then eat healthy and exercise. If it is about clothes and makeup, go shopping. Just move it!

    • just move it? well, all I really do is go to school and come back home everyday...so I guess I'm not so active...and I did gain 10 lbs.

      im afraid that I'm not as facially attractive as I was before...:(

    • Everything can be better. You just need to have willpower and to act upon it. Go now and make a plan. You can do it! :)

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