Girls that wear bright lipstick how do you kiss and?

Don't get all messy?

I mean I don't kiss around but If I am at a club and I am wearing like a red lipstick or a dark pink I won't kiss any guy...

So how does this work?

Can you kiss like in the movies and don't get all messy with lipstick lol


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  • You can get certain lipsticks that smudge/transfer less.

    Of course I don't believe that there will be none - but it's not going to be all over him.

    Or you can get something that you put on top of the color which makes it stay.

    Or lip tints/stains are good for less transfer.


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  • Try lipstain ! It's a lifesaver! Also, balm and gloss are good. You don't need lipstick when you can substitute it for other things :)

    • I usually wear a tinted lipbalm from MAC but I wonder how Girls can kiss with lipstick...

    • Well- if you don't wear it thick, and keep it blotted with a sheer coat of gloss, then that's a good way to go...

  • I highly doubt it doesn't smear.

    • Yeah me too, but how come it works on tv? Like they edit every kiss shot...

    • Probably, I know there's also certain lipsticks that don't rub off easily.

  • Lip. Stain.

    My best friend :)

  • i smudge it out with my fingers and give him a sultry look


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