For those of you who have cheated

Have you always had a lingering eye or did the "right" opportunity present itself?

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  • Both...girlfriend was too busy with school and didn't want to do anything physical...came across a girl that wanted to go out for coffee, then she was like, hey come to my place, and well, from there, the deed was done. Another time I was on a business trip and was just too horny, so I started talking to this girl I met in town, and we ended up hooking up, so yea, I looked for that one...

    • I feel I kind of cheated even though I was on a break with my bf I kiss some guy its really hurt him but he also cheated on me and it hurt like hell. we are trying to work things out its a question if we can trust each other anymore because I know we still love each other. relationship are for sure hard...

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  • I think all guys have that lingering eye, but acting these desires is different. I never have...cheating causes nothing but pain and heartache no matter who does it. Right opportunity or not, there's never justification for doing it.

  • Do you have a lingering eye...?

    I have never cheated, but I believe if the right situation came along it could be good for both of us and even myself and my relationship.

    I realize this makes no sense, maybe it could be explained other ways.

    • No lingering eyes here. I'm just curious. Because I know some people always have their eye on the next best thing and other people just end up in a perfect situation and it happens.

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