Girls, when you shave your legs, do you drive the razor up the leg or down? How may times?

Do you glide it just once or multiple times? What determines the direction? Do you keep doing it until you feel your leg feels smooth?

What about underarms? Do you run the razor once or many times?

I am just trying to see if the myth about razor is true?
OMG ! Based on the majority of the answers, now I see that my wife is right. I always ask her with wonder why she does it upwards. I thought, that would cause more itching. Like, when I shave where I have to, I always go IN the direction where hair grows, THEN I come backwards if I have to. That goes with face to. She always itches herself and I keep telling her that it happens because she shaves AGAINST the hair growth. Most of you proved me wrong. Did you?


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  • Down, you go the direction the hair is growing.

    • Yehawwwwww ! You are the ONLY one with me here. Welcome to my little boat. :)) Thank you giving me SOME consolation.

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    • Oh no no no... Their hair are not growing up... hahahaha... that would look awful... like monkies or something. Their hair grows down like you; but they shave up.

    • Lol wow, I don't know then. That's weird, why would they do that haha.

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  • Usually just once on my legs, you go up because that's the opposite direction of the hair. But I will go twice over areas that I know I tend to miss.

    Underarms are a little tougher, I run the razor both ways multiple times.

  • Wax is best, but if you HAVE to shave, you need to do it in the direction opposite of the hair growth.

    • I agree with you 10000% about wax. But I guess it is a pain that scares girls away. Is it only the pain? I have tried so many time to convince her. I even told her I will help her. But no chance.

      Why do you say "if you HAVE to shave"?

    • As opposed to waxing.

  • That depends on the last time I shaved my legs. If it's been a while, it takes a few strokes-- if not, it only takes one. I go from the bottom up. I just really go until I don't see anymore hair. Underarms: I'd say two or three times.

    • Great points there. Makes sense.

    • I've never had a problem with my legs itching, but that's interesting. I'll have to try shaving in the direction my hair grows next time.

    • Oh OK. You're a nice sport then. BTW, you if you try in the direction of the hair, you will still have to go backwards. It won't feel smooth otherwise. But you would avoid that krrrrrch friction. :)

  • i do it goint up and I don't know I just do it maybe like twice on same spot .

  • For my legs, mostly I just have to go up in one spot. My knees, ankles, and underarms I do more carefully and often "overlap".

    What myth are you talking about?

    • Oh - the myth ! I heard that the more friction there is in shaving, the more it encourages growth and thickness of hair.

    • ! are you serious!? I'm going to have to do some research, because if that's true that's not good for me! D:

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