Which style do you think would suit me best?

My wardrobe is a hodge podge mess of things I've gotten over the years. They span from ages 13 to 21, through phases of super girly, emo, indie, androgynous, skater, and "my mom picks out my clothes".

I want to get rid of much of it and start anew. I have three favorite stores and I want to use them as inspiration for my new wardrobe. I'm not saying I want to shop there exclusively, but I'd like to know what you think looks best.

Here's my Flick link: link

The first two pictures are from Urban Outfitters, the second two are from Aerie, and the third two are from VS Pink. The other pictures are obviously me.

Which style do you think would suit me best?
I guess I wasn't clear, sorry about that. I want you to choose, out of pictures 1-6 (examples of clothes from my favorite stores) which ones would look best on me.


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  • You're cute - very American looking. I like the black dress.

    • I don't see a black dress in any of the pictures. Are you referring to the navy blue one I'm wearing in the last link?

      Anyway, I wanted to know what store you think it would be best to get my new wardrobe from: Urban Outfitters, Aerie, or VS Pink?

    • Sorry, my monitor is wack. uo2

    • All right, thank you!

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  • I like the pink

  • I'd say the aerie ones.

  • pictures 5-9. The last two are too dressy


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