What do you think of Asian Imported Clothing Syle / Fit?

What do you girls think of this kind of clothing? Do you like the fitted tapered waist on guys, or a more loose rectangular figure?

Windbreaker Jacket link

Jacket link

Sleeved Striped Polo link

Layered Shirt link


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  • They look a little tight...I mean, I like the style, but I feel the same way about Asian imported female clothing sites: cute, but probably two sizes too small. ):


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  • Almost all the things I wear is Asian imported stuff or things that is similar to the style since I love the fashion :) And because I'm so tiny that nothing fits me here in the west but children clothing ha ha XD

    I LOVE this stile on guys, but unfortunately not many dress like that :C for me it would be pure eye-candy! :D

  • SEXY! I love that.. Guys need, well not need but really have to try those style of clothing.

    But I'm all for a guy who just wear a hoodie and jeans. :D

  • It would look great on a guy who's fit and healthy, really brings out the toned muscles. :) But terrible on a guy who's a bit on the heavy side, because it brings out their gut and such stuff...


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