Does having a "familiar" face make people less intimidated to approach me?

i feel that I look alike half the guys at my town,

my cousin told me that I look like many guys she sees at university, and one day she saw a guy who looked exactly like me, she was going to talk to him but then realized that he was not me. another incident while I was at the gym a guy came and shook hands with me and asked "aren't you (a guy's name) ?" I said no you must be mistaken,

also 2 weeks ago while I was talking on the phone at university a guy came and said "you're (a guy's name), aren't you? how are you?", I told him you're mistaken dude,

and one of my friends told me that he knows a guy that looks exactly like me

so is it good to have a familiar face?


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  • Not anymore. Now that medical science is able to deliver on face transplants the incidents of reported face thefts is both ghoulish and alarming. So don't be surprised if one sunny, carefree day as you stroll down a given inner-city avenue, a jittery young thug knocks you to the ground and rips your familiar-looking face from your unsuspecting head.

  • Looks like someones been getting lucky with half the women in your town. o.0


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