I feel unattractive, advice?

I know, it's one of those kind of questions. So ill get on with it.

I feel like I'm unattractive. I'm short (5ft) curvy and could probably afford to lose 10lbs. I have really short brown hair and green eyes. I don't know.. I just look at some girls who I find that I could match up against. but they have boyfriends..and well I've never had one. (shallow I know.) I'm really insecure about my appearence (I was pretty chubby as a kid.) do you have any seggestions of how I could become more noticeable to guys?


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  • I'm 5'8" and I love girls shorter than me

    Curves are awesome, I especially like big hips

    There's nothing wrong with a little extra weight

    I think short hair is cute

    Your eyes must look beautiful

    And I would love to see a picture :)

    • I don't know about beautiful but thanks. I do have a dilemma though.. I'm not quite sure how to put a picture up from my phone lol. Sorry ;)

    • You can email it to me :)

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  • I think, if you want something changed, change it, ascetically you can change almost anything other than your height. but you gotta see that you are beautiful in your own way, anyone who takes care of themselves and treats their body with respect is beautiful, and believe me 9/10 guys love short girls, I'm 6'3" and nothing is better than being able to hold my girl and feel like I can protect her


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  • you can't change that your not so tall, but there are enough guys who like short girls like you.

    if you know that you are overweight, start losing weight, do sport and when you see the results you automatically will feel more comfortable in your body.

    put on some black mascara and eyeliner, it makes your green eyes look greener (lol)

    i don't think its bad not having a boyfriend. you are still young, your time will come :D

    good luckk :)


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