Is getting a makeover the best revenge?

so I had this thing going on with this guy for a while (we met through a mutual friend, long story.) the last time we hung out, everything was cool and all, we made out, etc. but now he's ignoring me I'm not sure why. we haven't talked in a few months.

people say I'm pretty but I rarely get asked out. I saw his Facebook and noticed that a LOT of girls are adding him or he's adding them, whatever. they're really pretty.

but before we actually met, we would talk on the phone & he fell for my mind & personality first. I know this cause he would tell my friend that he really did like me. then saw my pics and said I was pretty. then he told me 'i can really see myself falling in love with you'

i know I have potential to be beautiful I just have to lose weight & learn how to apply my makeup well & look flawless. (like I've seen super super pretty girls and then when they take their makeup off they look like trolls lol no offense to them.)

i want him to be like 'damn I wanna get at her again' but I don't wanna get a makeover just for him, I wanna get one for myself as well. I wanna be like at my full potential of beauty since my 'hot' best friend gets asked out all the time & I was the ugly duckling in high school lol

what do you guys think? we never went out and went to different schools.


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  • It useally is the best revenge, showing him tha your doing better without him. It's like osmething in him clicks its like "dang I thought she would miss me and be down.." but nope.Go for it and do what you got to do for yourself.


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