What should I wear? help please!

i am celebrating my birthday in a few days with 6 friends (my crush is one of them) in the student hall

what should I wear? tight jeans and a beige tank top or this skirt link and a grey tank top?

i feel comfortable in both :)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't like the skirt at all. White skirts tend to make anyone look wider. I say go for the jeans.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I'd go with the frilly skirt, more feminine. Flouncy skirts will always get a guy's attention!

  • I thought girls DIDN'T dress for men?

    • Depends on the girl.

    • Ok, so for example lets say you have two girls. Both are the same in terms of how attractive they are. They're cheerleaders and one is blond while the other is brunette. They both have their uniforms on but the blond has tights on while the brunette is ALREADY bare-legged as if the game had started. Keep in mind it is snowing and it's not game time yet..they just got out of school.

      What does this mean?

What Girls Said 3

  • you said your comfortable in both, so wear whichever one looks hotter on you. Ask your friends which looks better on your body, cause we can't tell without pictures.

  • It's your Bday, dress up, Go for the skirt.

    Happy Birthday!

  • you know it's winter right? lol. I would wear the jeans so it doesn't appear that you're trying too hard

    • it's always extremely hot in our room (my mate and I are somehow not able to controll the heat system...it's so hit that we sleep in underwear there and usually I would wear a long pyjama and have 2 blankets at home) but of course I would also wear thin tights

    • then I think you should go with the skirt. it's really cute I like it

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