Guys : what kind of style do you like better?

so in girls what's your favorite style on a girl. classy, skater, dressy, pop, natural, hippy.. all that kind of stuff.. and what kind of hair so you like best straight curly long short . what about make up. cause I don't wear any makeup. what's your favorite thing for a girl to wear and act. please help


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  • Like herself.

    • your no help

    • And you're getting so much more help from others I see...

      My point was if you don't carry yourself as yourself, you're going to attract the wrong kind of people, people who want the kind of person you're portraying, not the kind of person you are.

      Me personally, I'm attracted to the tomboyish girl, outdoorsy type, slightly nerdy. I got to find me a country girl.

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  • Just do whatever goes with your personality and what you think looks good.

    If people were to answer with their preferences they'd each say something different.

  • Who cares what other people like, it's what you like, don't please people, please yourself.


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