Do guys like cute girls?

im a cute, sweet, nice, sometimes too nice type of girl. I'm just generally happy and cool with everyone. When someone does piss me off though I can become bitchy to those who deserve it, its just my way of defense. I'm also very moody. But most of the time, people see me as a nice girl.

Do guys find that attractive?

Because, I'm still single and I'm wondering if that's the reason guys turn away from me, thinking theyd feel guilty or something if they would break up with me one day or not take the relationship further, and I'm not some sensitive emotional type of girl, even thugh I may come off that way just because I'm nice. I'm stronger than that. But I'm just fed up of being single...why won't guys like me? I see them flirt with me, get to know me, I see a connection first, but no guy confesses he likes me or asks me out. I'm good looking, attractive, tall, and not too skinny...

so what am I doing wrong?


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  • join the club lol I'm so sick of being single the thing with me is I always fall hard for complete idiots who like to mess around with my head. Your doing nothing wrong! Don't change for anyone-you sound like a really nice girl and I bet there lots of guys that think your out of their league but that isn't a bad thing. Maybe you could ask a guy out instead of waiting for them to ask you? I know its easier said than done.

    • Awwwww thankyou =DDD

      yes I agreee

      im so done with the assholes who play mind games

    • Oh I /so/ know what you mean! And where has there been a club, cause if there is one I'm so in it

    • Lol our own private club, thanks for best answer :)

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  • Your question has several topics.

    First, I don't find moody girls attractive. Everyone can be moody. But the key is if you let your moods control you. If you're having a bad day, does everyone else have to have a bad day, too?

    Emotions are rarely justification for behavior. For example, if you don't feel like going into work, you don't get paid. Your boss doesn't care how you felt about it. By this same logic, having a bad mood does not justify inflicting it on others.

    Second, a guy won't make you happy. A partner can enhance your happiness, but it's unfair and unrealistic to expect others to make us happy. I've been there, too, expecting a girl to make me happy. But life doesn't work like that. Most of your energy should go towards goals, career, exercise -- things that will make you happy. If you're happy for those reasons, you can make a better girlfriend.

    Hope this helps.

    • Good answer but I think someone can make you happy. I can be having a horrible day and just seeing the guy I like makes me the happiest girl in the world and if you love someone they make you happy.

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    • ...and I am in school I'm happy working and am focused on career, but being human, I need some love too. or at least I want it. I feel a person can make you happy to an extent, he or she won't be EVERYTHING to happiness, but it is another addition and liek you said, can enhance your happiness.

      i want the happiness I have now to be enhanced because id love to be with someone close to my heart.

    • Oh right, yeh I agree with that. But I do sometimes make that mistake-i think everything would be great if a had a boyfriend.

  • Depends how good you look. If you`re really pretty they might be afraid. You know a pretty girl might find s.o.better, and that scares guys away. Pretty girls often are the last ones to be asked out. Another reason might be that you don`t show them that you like them aswell, and they might think that your nice but not intrested in them. If you always get to the point where you expect them to ask you out, but they don`t , you could try asking them. Or, if your old fashioned, say sth. like "Oh I would like to go to this club/ movie/ party, but I can`t find anybody who wants to go there with me" If they still don`t ask you I don`t know what their problem is. =)

  • The cute part yes, the bitchy part no.


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  • You are ideally the type guys like, sweet but can come strong when needed.

    Everyone loves a person who knows how to defend themselves when justified.

    You are proud of yourself.

    Now the reason for missing mush could be either of the two.

    Firstly, the fear of being left alone by a guy is holding you from taking the plunge. Tell me how can you learn to swim without going into water

    Secondly, they might fear that you may reject them. So, they don't make a move. Are you friends with guys ? Try making a soft impression on them. Show that you are open to love. If they get a hint they may approach you.

    • I guess I can use more guy friends....i don't have that many...thanks for the comment =D

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