Considered good looking in one country ... chances in another country?

I am considered good looking in my country India , what are the chances I'll be considered good looking in western countries ?

I am told that I am a bit cute once a while . LOL
I don't want to get into relationship with any western girl ... because in India they are considered slutty as they have sex before they marry .

I want to make some friends in the west and I was scared that people would consider me ugly and avoid me ... so I asked this question .

I like only Indian girls .


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  • I don't think so. Maybe in the UK, which has a large Indian immigrant population, and so Indian features have become part of the generic background mix, and thus are part of the "acceptable" tableaux.

    I think in most countries, Indian men and women (even the really good looking ones) would struggle to be seen as anything other than Indian.

    (I know this makes the west sound very racist... but that's what I think.)

    • So , is it hard for an Indian guy to make some friends ? And have fun ( like partying etc ) ?

      I don't want to get into any sort of relationships with western girls lol

    • Actually, making friends is easy.

    • yh , thx :) I just want to have some attractive people my friends and I was scared that they may not consider me good looking and avoid me .

      I just like Indian girls .

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  • attractiveness has nothing to do with making friends, you'll make friends.


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  • less than in india , that's for sure. most people like their own 'race' although some are more open minded than others. I've never seen an indian male with a white female here in belgium actually. it's more indian+indian ...

    • yh ... I like mostly Indian girls too . I want to have fun in some of the western countries ... so is it easy to get along well with other people( no relationships ) for an Indian guy ?

    • oh when it's about being friends I don't think there is a lot of problems , indians are generally seen as friendly and non-agressive opposed to the stereotypes about blacks and north africans that circulate here. ( I think it's because most indians here have jobs etc and don't riot , and they seem to have a lot of nightshops :o they are always friendly :D ) I don't think you need to worry a lot :D

  • indian girls are also having sex before marriage, you just have to find the right one

  • Honestly most people don't find eastern people attractive...just being honest

    • yh , I knew that . Still , is it easy to make friends in the west for an Indian ?

    • yes with other indians, sometimes the white people don't like you but there is racism in any country, I have had white gf's but it's not easy, don't worry just keep trying

    • Yea its easy you just don't get discouraged by these RACIST MOFO'S HERE that call you t****h**** and sh*t just keep being you...and don't get sucked into this society sh*t either

  • I am half indian and you're chances are not good here in the USA, you can get girls if you work hard, but it is much easier for the white people

    if you want a gori girl you can get one with some luck and if you have money

    for me European girls who have come to the usa are the easiest gori girls to get, so try them, American girls like white color penis, it's the truth

    • yh , thx :) I am not sure that I would want to have sex with a gori girl because I am a bit shy lol .

      But , is it easy to make American girls friends ? What's their behavior like ? What are people like ?

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