Should I wear make up on my skin?

Hey guys,

I have a question for you. You can be brutally honest, I won't take offense!

I have quite unusual skin, as in, I have tons and tons of light brown freckles on my face. To be honest, I don't like them, because while I think a few freckles are cute, having so many gives me an uneven skin tone, and makes my coloring horrible, and even makes my eyes seem smaller.

Up until recently, I always used foundation to cover them and give me an even skin tone. I have nice eyes and good bone structure, so when I wear make up, I feel pretty and I get a lot of attention from guys. My eyes stand out, big and blue, just as I like them to. My problem I guess is that I hate always feeling self-conscious without make up on, and I kind of feel like a bit of a fake, too - like that's not what I really look like without make up!

So I guess I'm asking you... should I wear make up and feel good about myself and get compliments etc, or should I just accept the way I look au natural? I know everyone wants to look their best, but what's the line between looking your best and being fake? How would you feel about this situation with a girl? Thanks for your advice :)


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  • I think if it makes you feel better to wear it then wear it. But freckles are cute, maybe you should try to find a different way other than completely covering them up such as a shimmer powder or something like that. But you should also work on being less dependent on makeup. If you feel like you can't go out of the house even for 5minutes without being covered up, then you have a problem.


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  • I adore freckles on a girl. Don't hide them


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  • I think you should go with what makes you feel best. If you prefer the way you look with makeup, wear it. I think I (and most girls) look better with a bit of makeup, so I wear some most days. As long as you don't cake it on, I think you'd probably look better with some makeup (IMO)


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