Do you think attractive girls have a problem in not being able to see things for what they are?

a lot of attractive females seem to think they're perfect and are entitled to everything. they can have the bad boy and he'll change because she's just so amazing. and good guys are losers to them because they aren't starved for attention like the bad boy that comes from a troubled home and has issues, so they aren't as outgoing.

i actually grew up in a similar home environment as a lot of attractive girls. no problems with parents. well off parents. good school district. I behave with a bit of class unlike most guys. and so I don't have the same appeal as the bad boy. I'm sorry but what appeal? there are so many bad traits that should outweigh the good. I just feel that all the cute girls get sucked into the wrong group of friends or just blatantly ignore everything that they shouldn't whether its that their boyfriend is an idiot, or a guy that actually on her level.

they just don't see the world for what it is, I feel like. they think life is like disneyworld or something and its all a complete fantasy that caters to them and them only. life doesn't work like that. so many of these women pass up the guys that care so much about them, only to settle for the unpredictability of the jerk. and the worst thing, is that they don't think they're settling. good men have such a capacity of love for them and just leave them high and dry.
*are just left high and dry.


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  • What about us attractive girls who want the nice guy but somehow the nice guys turns into a jerk? I don't mean he turns out to be a jerk, that would insinuate he was the whole time and those guys are easy to spot but the nice guys who changes after getting an attractive girl who genuinely likes them. They either get insecure and fear they can't keep her so they start having trust issues that are totally unfounded or they get an ego and think maybe they can do better so they start looking to trade up while still with the first girl. Or my personal favorite they are afraid they can't keep her so they take some very bad advice from a men's magazine or dumb friend about treating her badly hoping that it will keep her interested. This last one makes no sense but has been done by some idiots.

    • there is another breed of nice guy that you're ignoring. the ones that aren't "top dog." girls always fall for popular jerks and players. there are plenty of down to earth men that aren't followers of the crowd, so you may have to look harder. or he's that guy that's right in front of you, that always wants to hang out, and you always blow off.

      womens magazines are also guilty of publishing retarded information. its your job as a woman to not fall for games and tricks. be real. let guys be real.

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    • She doesn't sound like a nice person. Who says it is weird when someone tells you they like you? Forget the other stuff, I would never say it's weird to someone who just confessed their feelings for me. Even if it wasn't mutual, I would be honest but tactful. Seriously, someone feelings are on the line, you just don't do that. I am sorry she did that to you.

    • it's OK. she was nice though. that's the thing. I don't want to believe she was fake like most girls. she seemed different is all. the thing was though was I was persistent. I wanted her to really know and I wanted to give her my best and it's like it wasn't even enough, even though I was giving her something greater than any of her ex bfs ever gave her. maybe I was a little intense but come on, ya know? I felt such a strong connection. almost like she was a female version of me...

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  • Being a hot chick is a form of celebrity, so look at it from that perspective

    • not really. they aren't entitled to everything like they think they are.

    • Well, guys sure treat them to a lot. They get things for free, they get out of tickets, they are given the benefit of the doubt, they are hired easier.

    • well because they're great women that men will want to be with. a man knows when he wants to commit to a woman. why treat such a woman badly? he wants her to feel welcome and accepted. it's a loving gesture?

      doesn't mean you have to let it get to your head. as a guy that has been hit on by unattractive women, I don't enjoy it. why should women enjoy attention from men they aren't attracted to?

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