Do you prefer to date someone that compliments the way they dress?

If you dressed in high heels, dresses, or business attire would you date a guy that wears mostly t-shirts, sneakers, and jeans. Guys if you dressed mostly in business attire or casual/professional attire would you date a girl that mostly wears jeans.


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  • sure I would. I would see the problem unless I'm wearing a suit cause I have a job and he's wearing t shirts cause he's a couch potato


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  • I would date a guy who captures my mind, heart and senses. His dressing style means nothing to me.

  • I am a women that works in a man's field. I try to dress like a woman outside of work, because for at least 9 hours out of the day I'm dressed like a man. Clothes can be bought and sold. Personality is free and is more rare.

    • I understand that, but this isn't about personailty. If persoanlity and qualities was to your standard would you prefer to date a guy that dressed simular to the way you dressed? I'm just trying to get some insight about how women would prefer their guy to dress.

    • Honestly, I would want the guy to be comfortable. I wouldn't want him to dress like a teenage thug, or a slob. I would want him to take pride in himself. No matter if its jeans or a tie. However, if we were out together, I wouldn't want us to match, but I would want us to look nice together. To me a white T-Shirt and Jeans are as sexy as a man in a suit... Tbh, the white t-shirt and jeans are probably hotter lol I hope this helps. Its just what I think, and apparently, I'm not like other women.

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