She doesn't like looking at me?

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There is a girl like this in my school. Guys rarely talk to her but if one does or if she asks them a question, she always looks them in the eye but she doesn't do this to me though. I'm one of the 2-3 guys she has ever said hi to and has been saying hi for a month now but stopped saying hi like a week ago (I only said hi to her like 3 times during this month). Today, I said hi to her today and had a talk with her but she didn't maintain a gaze into my eyes like she does with other guys. Instead she looks in my eye for like 2 seconds and then looks down and repeats this process till the end of our talk. At the begining of our conversation she wasn't smiling but at the end she was smiling. Also, when we were about to leave from school, I say this girl gazing into my direction (I don't think she saw that I caught her because she didn't move her eyes). Does she not like looking at me? If yeah, why doesn't she look at me in the eye during our talk but gazes at me when we are not talking?


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  • She likes you...a lot. She's just shy and can't stand to look you in the eye because you make her really nervous. She's trying to hold the eye contact but she is shy and its hard for her. She doesn't hate looking at you, she loves it but she's nervous. She smiles because she's happy she got to talk to the guy she likes. She trys to hold back from smiling at the beggining because she doesn't want to look like an idiot but by the end, she can't keep it in anymore. Trust me, I do the same thing around the guys I like.


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  • I'm like this with a guy I know. Believe me, she really likes you. If she's anything like me she's probably just embarrassed and nervous around you and finds it difficult to hold eye contact. The best thing you can do is try and make her feel as comfortable as possible- make a habit of saying hi to her whenever you see her and when you are having a conversation with her try and make her laugh and be interested in what she's got to say.

    And even if it works for a while but she reverts to her old ways, don't just give up or take it as a sign she doesn't like you anymore... it probably means she likes you even more.

    As a shy girl, it takes a quite a lot for me to completely open up to a guy and a lot of guys don't bother persevering- can't say I blame them. I worry they think I'm being ignorant or something.

    If you really like this girl the best thing to do is to try and talk to her as much as possible so that conversations become more natural.

    Hope this helps!


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  • she probably likes you but since she is a shy person doesn't know how to express it and she looks at you when your not looking at her because she likes you