For the guys: What about a girl who is extremely attractive?

What is physically attractive and what about a girl's personality is attractive?


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  • Physical: I'm big on the face of a girl. If her lips look soft and welcoming and her eyes are cute then I am sold. A decent shape to her body is always a plus but by that I do not mean big t*ts big ass but if the size of both compliment each other and makes a nice shape to her body then I can't argue. If we go to the topic of boob size, I really don't like boobs too big; flat chested is too small but drooping is too big. A little middle ground like a nice b or small c cup usually the size I like.

    So to summarize, nice face and decent body shape.

    Personality: Good sense of humor is always good, has to respect herself, and absolutely needs self confidence and self esteem. (none of that "im fat" crap when you weight 104 lbs)


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