Is she interested or just being nice?

Hi all,

So, I talked to this attractive girl finally, when I approached her, and introduced myself, she smiled at me, and we had a little chat, asked her couple of questions and she asked me back.. Anyhow, I noticed that she would not look at me in the eyes while she was talking to me, her voice tone was friendly and she smiled and laughed frequently, is it possible she is just shy, or she was trying to send me a message telling me she is not interested?


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  • If she is laughing and she is friendly, she probably is interested. I am shy, and when I like a guy I try not to look them in the eye because it freaks me out. But I do LOOK. I don't just look at the ground the whole time they are talking. It will be more of a look at the eyes, look somewhere else. I would make sure not to look very intently into someones eyes if they are really shy. It really freaks me out when someone does that. Even if I do like them.

    • Yep! that's exactly how she was, she looked me in the eye but she wouldn't maintain an eye contact for long period, if that was the case, then its actually cute

    • She probably doesn't think it is cute! She is probably freaking out! lol.

    • Shes right... I just did the same thing dude, though we did have eye contact most of the time during our chat, we would occasionally look away and right back... I had her laughing but not hysterically so it was one of those cute little that was FUNNY laughs, not a that was HILARIOUS laugh

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  • oh mygosh oh my gosh that's me! hahaha

    It's like me at work. I really like the guy who I work with. I can manage to laugh with him and smile and talk in a friendly tone but I just CANNOT look at him/ hold eye contact. As Anonymoususer said, it just 'freaks me out' and makes me paranoid that he'll instantly know I like him!

    But I'm just worried that I've given him the impression that I'm not interested:s *sigh*

  • she was probably nervous, girls dart their eyes when they think a boy is attractive or sweet ect. keep talking to her


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