Help me get ready for my date?! What kind of make up/hair?

So, my boyfriend is taking me on something fancy? He told me to wear heels and a nice dress (I got a short black dress and heels) and I can't figure out what to do with my hair because of how short it is. I was going to do it how I usually do (see my profile for pics) or I was going to kinda curl back the front layers to show my face without bangs covering it like this link

Here is a front pic link

and a ariel view link

Then my make up, anyone have a picture suggestion, what would look good with my eyes? More nature, or darker and bolder. Keep in mind I don't want to cake it out too much like a trap. Link me to pics or videos for suggestions PLEASE.


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  • I like the your hair the way you have it in your profile pics, it's short and sexy. Lucky guy!


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