Guys, what do you think of girls that don't wear makeup?

I don't really wear makeup. and if I do its usually just a little bit of eyeliner and eye shadow. but thts it. I guess I really just wear it when I go out. not in school or anything. so do you think its weird? turn off? don't give a sh*t? either way it looks the same?


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  • Turn one NEEDS makeup..but the marketing people from Avon, Estte lauder & Mary Kay are busy convincing females that they are all ugly ogres unless they buy (and use) their damn bullsh*t...mascara pretty much looks good and enhances about anybody...eyeliner? some do and some don't and the same with eyeshadow..but what most males really hate is cheek stuff: concealer, rouge and MOST of all that hateful foundation & bronzer...*leans over & pukes* You sound NOT apply more...PLEASE!?!? ...(:

    • Rouge? Lmao

      It's 2011 ha ha not sure girls still use it

    • You are YOUNG...rouge is the ONLY cheek makeup my wife wears..or do you call it blush? and she only wears that for special occasions outside the house.

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  • I can only speak for myself but...

    When it comes to girls and makeup, I really pay little attention to it. If I can notice it, it is generally WAY too much, and I just want to take a fire hose and squirt the girl in the face, to see what's under the "mask."

    If you are attractive looking, I will notice anyways. Hygiene is more important to me. Bad skin, bad smell, and especially body hair are my biggest turn offs.

    • have you actually met girls with bad skin, smell, hygiene, and body hair?

    • I have indeed. Not very pretty (in my opinion).

  • I tend to be most attracted to girls who wear minimal or no make-up, and prefer the natural look overall (I suppose an exception would be body hair; less is better to me for women). Several girls I've dated in the past were redheads, who usually can't wear much makeup anyway, and I thought they looked great.

    I'm fine with "special occasion" make-up, but again, the less, the better.

  • Yeah those two females below made a big leap ..didn't they? I wouldn't worry about them..probably on LSD..maybe been smoking tampax? First of all..your Question was addressed to "guys" but illiterate people that are tripping are liable to act in any random fashion. Their attitude is one of ignorant condescension...YOU were not rude or condescending at all ..and I appreciated you for asking for males' opinions...please forgive and overlook the rude and ignorant...(: <3<3<3 =D

    • hey I'm not a guy but I answered haha. I was nice and yes your my fav caveman <3

  • Good for you! Shows you're not an insecure wreck.


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  • i have NEVER wore makeup and my guy thinks I'm gorgerous without it. most guys want t woman who is naturally beautiful without the use to makeup. I've seen some girls who are pretty with makeup on and look like meth heads without it

    • yuh...response from your favorite caveman...<3<3<3=D

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    • oh you better not be or ill have to kick your bootay ha ha jk

    • Couldn't I just kiss your a$$ instead? Would even let you pee on me...(:

  • Then you do wear makeup, just not all the time. I don't think guys care if you don't wear makeup, as long as you look good.

  • ask yourself this: why do girls wear makeup?

    answer: to look better:

    who are they trying to look better for? : guys

    do you look better with makeup?

    yes: then wear makeup

    no: wear makeup

    there is absolutely nothing wrong with makeup. but there is something wrong with girls who get snobby cause they don't wear any. news flash to those girls: you're not that special. Pretty girls with makeup are still pretty without makeup. makeup doesn't change who you are, it accentuates what you already have. If you have nothing to begin with, well then, makeup isn't going to do anything for you.

    • This is a great answer

      Often time the girls who criticize those who wear makeup are the ones who need makeup the most

    • im not criticizing any1 for wearing make up. I honestly don't care if girls wear or don't wear makeup. I was just wondering what guys thought about all this. geez, you don't have to be so annoying.

    • "who are they trying to look better for? : guys"

      Actually, this is false. They are trying to look better TO OTHER WOMEN. Most men would prefer less makeup, simpler clothes, etc. on women. It is other women who push for all the excess.

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