Do you think being fat is natural?

I ask because if you think about it - being fat can be passed down genetically.

Obviously humans didn't exactly live in super abundant times when we had to survive in nature - maybe some humans, so humans were relatively fit.

What I don't understand, is if the first person who was fat, was only fat due to over eating - then why would that gene get passed down, if that person was originally a normal weight with a standard functioning metabolism? Wouldn't their kid get that gene? How does fat become a genetic part of someone?

Like if someone dye's their skin blue and has a kid - that kids not going to be blue lol - or women dye their hair, and the kids hairs do not come out dyed - even though the composition of the hair has been permanently changed.

So I wonder if there was originally just bigger weight people? Maybe the lived in climates where it was colder and food was more scarce, so they had to have a bit extra to stay alive. Now that's not to say they we're obese - they still had to be healthy to live long and function so.

Also, bigger people if they lose weight, some hit a wall where it would be unhealthy for them to lose anymore weight at all - or their bodies just can't manage it.

I think it was a natural gene passed down through generations. What do you think?
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  • It's just from over eating and it's gets passed down to offspring because...explain...
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  • It's a combination of genetics and environmental characterstics.


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  • i don't think it is, as much as I hate to say it. but life is not fair and some people just simply have fat genes running through their blood, which I really feel bad for

    • But why? Why are the fat genes there? Didn't they originate from somewhere? How come people who lose weight, give birth to kids who are fat? Shouldn't the gene change if it's just from over eating? Now that this person eats healthy and dropped weight?

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    • i did corrected myself 6 minutes ago

    • lol okay thnx for answering ^^

  • Being fat is not natural. There are no genes that make someone fat. Genetics may increase *susceptibility* to becoming overweight (genes affect regulation of appetite, tendency to be inactive, ability to use dietary fats as fuel, capacity to store body fat, etc) - but just by themselves they cannot make someone fat.

    The simple fact is, whatever genes you have, if you consume fewer calories than you use, you will not get fat.

    I accept that it's unfair how some people can eat less than others before they start putting on weight, but that is not an excuse - and if you're overweight, regardless of whether or not genetics were partly responsible for that, you are still at increased risk of developing serious health problems.

    • Okay - but why do those genetics exist in the first place? If it's unatural, those genes would not be passed on to kids. Like a guy uses steroids - his kids aren't going to come out extra muscular lol - that's why I think it's an ancestor trait because if it wasn't, people wouldn't be pre - dispositioned to gaining weight. Everyone would be functioning with the relative same metabolic rates - even being petite and athleitic built is genetic - why not fat?

    • Oh, I'm sure it is natural in that respect.

      Our earliest ancestors would have been lean and muscular, to suit their lifestyle - which included hunting (and trying not to be hunted). Even at this time, the population would contain "fat genes" though - caused by random mutation, or linked to genes for other advantageous traits.

      As they became more intelligent, muscle became less important - and the ability to store energy in the form of body fat would be a big advantage in times of food scarcity

    • Yep - your right. I say it's a lot more un - natural these days because we have developed better means of survival than fat storage. Good point ^^

  • Since the Neolithic age is passed, since this time started the first civilisation diseases. So with the beginning what we call civilisation, the beginning of culture.

    With it is coming agriculture and cattle breeding. Before the humans ate meat, fishes, roots, weeds and seed. With the eating of milk.products a lot of people got allergic against lactose and/or albumine. By bread it is the gluten, what not all persons be able to eat.

    Still nowadys a lot of East.Asians are not able to drink and eat milk.products!

    In the USA a lot of people eat to much calories by their food. The junk food like Hamburgers, Mc Donald food and especially the much eating of ice.cream, which is in the USA very creamy force the problems to get obesed. So it give the term "American butt", ( f.e. "Ami-Hintern/Arsch" etc.) if a man has a big-round ass.

    And this is unfortunately not rare!

    So, just now you can pull off my ears and nail them at the next door. And I will observe the hammering. (smile)

    • I should also say, in western countries, so many people are sitting to long time in arm.chairs etc.

    • Oh well yea - I know over eating is a problem in America, but I'm asking why fat became apart of our genes? If was do to over eating, it would NOT be passed down in our genes. Just like a woman dyes her hair red, when her original color is brown - her child does not come out with red hair, even though the composition of her hair has been permanently changed.

  • It's partly genetics, but mostly laziness.

    • I agree in respects that people allow it to get out of control -

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    • true - someone mentioned it being a genetic mutation - it very well could have developed as such and keeps developing due to unhealthy generations so - find anything let me know :D

    • @question asker: here I found something about gene defects. It `s in German, but there is above the text a button for translation, also in English.


  • In the stone age, the humans weren`t been fat.

    • Maybe - how do we know some of them weren't? Like a bear for example - bears have extra fat for getting along in their lives - can't this rule apply to humans as well? We all didn't live in the same tropical / warm abundant climate - perhaps being over weight was a way for those humans who lived in colder, less abundant area's to survive? Lets not forget that fat is carried down through genetics - if it's unatural, then why does this happen exactly?

  • There would be feast or famine times, so during feast periods, people would eat as much as possible, and survive off their own fat stores during times of famine. I kid you not.

    • Makes sense - but then why would that become apart of the gene pool if everyone was originally average in size and metabolism?

    • Why I know it? Well, humans must hunting and collecting all the time. Life was no Cockaigne! So the humans must move all the time. The comparison with the bears is wrong, because this animals must collect fat for their wintersleep. Neanderthals, Cro Magnons etc. don`t do this, its not in our genetic program. We would die, if we would try this.

    • Okay, but not all humans lived in abundant area's with sources of food, and in colder climates. I agree they'd have to move around more, but when I say fat, I don't mean unhealthy / obese - just people who have a thicker layer of fat around their muscles and stomach area. It would be odd that if we were all fit and muscular ( the neanderthals,) why would fat be passed down through genetics? Why would it appear out of no where randomely? A person who does steroids doesn't give birth to strong kid

  • Bring fat is a cop out for laziness and greed.

    There,... I said it.

    • k - but why is it passed down genetically? If a person loses their weight and have kids - the kids still come out heavy?

    • Normally humans don`t get fat, if they live in motion/move and eat "reasonable". Only wrong eating habits, laziness of the body generate fat. Of course if a genetic defect is there, (f.e. hypercholosterol etc.) or a hormonal dysfunction, then you get obese.

What Girls Said 3

  • The gene for weight retention came about during our hunter-gatherer days. During times when there weren't many resources, the people who stored the most fat from the times when food was abundant had the best chance of surviving. People who are descended from these ancestors are more likely be overweight simply because they are programed to store fat for lean times but we don't really suffer from lean times anymore.

    • Yes this is what I thought too. If fat wasn't a natural trait, it wouldn't have been passed down for generations -

  • I think certain people are more likely to become fat due to genetics, but I think it's mostly due to their own eating habits. I've seen skinny people come from fat families and vice versa. I think a big part of why fat people have fat kids is not only because of genetics but because these parents end up teaching their kids their own poor eating habits thus passing down obesity to the next generation.

  • There are many reasons why two people can eat the same amount and only one of them gains weight...thyroid, hormones, metabolism, how quickly they feel full when eating, exercise habits, and of course, eating habits.

    So, there's not really a "fat" gene that get's passed's all the other things like thyroid function, hormones, and such.

    Example: There are two women, both eat the same amount and exercise the same out.

    Woman #1 has a very low amount of thyroid hormones (not hypothyroid but just genetically has a low amount) in her body and she also has high estrogen levels compared to the average woman. She gains weight VERY easily.

    Woman #2 has normal amounts of thyroid hormones and has relatively normal amounts of estrogen in her body. She remains thin.

    • But why is one woman predispositioned to gain weight - and the other is not? A heavier woman's body is set up to hold onto weight - if you see naturally heavier people - not due to over eating - they're bone frames are thicker, and body formulated to hold onto fat - like it was made like that on purpose. Same thing for skinnier women as well, their frames are smaller, and made to not hold onto fat. Plus those traits are passed down to children why?

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