What am I doing wrong? Why do I attract such LOSERS?

Sexy confident very attractive social out going sweet caring faithful honest strong driven independent funny always smilin and laughin not a jealous person I don't get embarrassed easily and always havin fun doin whatever. I don't nag and don't play games.

Sounds good huh..then why do I attract such LOSERS? I need a man not a little boy but apparently don't know where to look. Any suggestions?


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  • First, how do you define "loser"?

    Second, I think you're asking the wrong question.

    Turn it around. Ask "Why am I selecting losers?"

    Sometimes we all draw a bad card from the deck, and it's just life. But if you're consistently picking the same types of people, it means there's something about them that you like, or that you respond to.

    take some time off from dating to clear your head. Ask friends and family their opinions about why you date these guys. Do you like fixer-uppers, guys with a lot of potential? Are you afraid that a more successful, confident guy might abandon you?

    You seem smart, so you can probably find traits in these "losers" that are appealing to you.

    good luck!


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