Could I pass for a 22-year-old?

I actually am 22 but sometimes I get mistaken for a 17-year-old. When it comes to dating I'm starting to think that I won't be able to attract girls my age. I'm not really into dating younger girls, I prefer to date girls my own age and maybe a few years older. Plus I'm only 5'4'' so that adds to the problem. Not to mention that I still get ID'd in clubs and stuff whereas most of my friends can walk straight in. So do you think I actually look 22? I keep my hairstyle like the one in my profile pic, don't know if it makes me look older or younger though.


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  • Sorry dude you don't look 22 but you don't look 17 as well. I say you look about 19 maybe 20. But don't feel bad I am 22 as well and a few months older than my husband and they think that he is my older brother. I have to take my ID everywhere. But the way I see if people like us look younger now we will still look younger as we get older :)

    As for as you being shorter than most don't worry bout. I really believe that everything in our lives happen for a reason. And as for younger girls a lot of guys would love to be able to get dates with them. But I don't blame you tho. You may get have to wait and in the long run it should be all worth it. Best of luck to u. ;)

  • i think you could...


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