Does anyone think it's ridiculous when people (guys) say they want a girlfriend/wife who is average looking?

Does anyone think it's ridiculous when people (guys) say they want a girlfriend/wife who is average looking? I find it stupid. Most women want a husband/boyfriend who thinks they're beautiful. I wouldn't want to be with a guy who didn't think I was attractive from head to toe and I'm not going to be. Everyone has their own taste so there is someone out there who is bound to think you're attractive, why not be with that person? Why not be with someone who loves you on the inside and outside? Girls who's with me?


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  • No one wants anyone who is "average looking" anymore. No one can see the inner beauty and good in anyone anymore it seems. Relationships aren't like what they were in the 1950's/1960's when people didn't put so much of an emphasis on appearance and social status and most of all, money. I would much rather have an 'average' looking girl with an incredible personality than someone who is super hot and sucks. Women don't typically age as well as men either, so I laugh at all these hot girls who won't be hot in the next decade or two. So much for basing everything off of looks! So in a nutshell an average looking incredible woman is a beautiful girl and it has nothing to do with her looks, those are just an added benefit.

    • Actually, dude, some women do age better than men. Elizabeth Sladen was in her sixties or something when she died and she looked much younger.

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    • I feel like I am talking to someone retarded. You're completely missing my point.

    • No I understand what you're saying.

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  • Before you even get to that, I think its ridiculous enough that a person should have preset ideas about the person they want to marry. I mean, jesus f***. I've always had a real disdain for the term 'Marriage Material', that one disgusts me.

  • Looks are a factor, but personality can make a person more attractive.

    For example, a girl who is "average looking" may not be jump off the page beautiful, but she's not unattractive either. If her personality is golden then her physocal appearence becomes less imposing of a factor.

    • Agree completely that has happened to me with guys before.

  • Won't be long before women install microchips in us males to monitor what we think. Their narcissism knows no bounds. And people wonder why the birth rate is at all time low levels.

    • World population just reached 7 billion, it is not low whatsoever.

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    • > Microphones

      > Thoughts

      Do a lotta... THINKING ALOUD?

    • Microchips not microphones LOL

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  • last week I was reading about this on one page. man wrote, that he doesn't want to have attractive wife, because he doesn't want to fight other men. If his wife was really pretty, there would be still someone, who will like her too. so if she wasn't happy with him, she would be able to leave him and find someone better.

    • I'm not talking about a drop dead gorgeous woman. Someone who is cute.

    • yes, he doesn't want to have ugly girl. but girl that looks average - cute, but average, so you can find 100 girls who look similar to her.

    • what are you talking about average. cute is not average. cute and average are separate.

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