I'm giving up on love cause I think women find me unattractive or won't give me a chance.....?

OK, so within the past 20 years (going to become 30 years old in 2012) I'm officially giving up on love altogether. I don't find myself unattractive though I know I have some ways of improvement (losing weight / building muscle) yet I find myself a 7 or maybe a 8... However, while in my childhood I've always be made fun of being born with a slight big head (which is mostly seen on the size not face to face)... Black kid's made fun of me the most which I hate till this day... I'm not a person that will ever disrespect women though if I'm going to be ignored or treated like a joke for the rest of my life to hell with love and women altogether... Maybe like Jay-Z I will place my heart on making money until I'm successfully rich like Jay-Z, Eminem or even Bill Gates.. Shoot if god didn't want me to be in life for the rest my life Ah-well... OK, so with that being said what do you think I should do for a person whom had never had the chance to date, make love or even get a girl to like him for over 30 years... Also, what grade would you give me from 1 - 10 with 10 being great...


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  • I feel sorry that you've gotten to the place you are at. If you would like to focus on money alone then more power to you. If however you do want to find love and have a chance at it, please please don't follow any guys' advice about becoming a jerk and treating women bad. That doesn't work either and they know it, they're just too bitter to say so.

    I have to ask a few questions though to move forward: Have you ever been on a date? Have you ever had a girlfriend? Are you a virgin? Do you get out much? Do you approach/ask out women or do you wait for them to come to you? Is there a certain point where dating seems to go wrong for you? (Like, the approaching stage, the phone number stage, the first date stage, etc.) Do you exercise? And have you tried online dating?

    These things will help a lot in my advice.

    • 1. haven't had a girlfriend in the past almost 10 years...

      2. Yes I am a virgin

      3. I used to get out allot, though don't hangout with the people I used to hang with anymore.

      4. I've approach some girls and I get the you're like a brother to me phrase

      5. I haven't even dated at all

      6. Never reach the phone number stage because they see me as "you're like a brother"

      7 I Exercise and eat right

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    • And guys can be fat and ugly and still get a girlfriend. Not so much the other way around.

    • No mosr men cant* stop assuming that most can.

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  • without the glasses you are fiiine boy. get some confidence babe and just walk like you own it. girls like a man who seems in control and can own the room when he walks into it, trust me, face or body are insignificant... its how you walk and talk and act... also wearing a suit helps, men in suits are attractive, not to get all barney stinson on yo ass

  • just get a hooker or escort

    • I hope your joking...

    • you are right, if you want to get pretty girl yeah the fastest way got hooker and escort, you can pick anyone you like and can do anything. that's our life, if you are not blessed with nice or cute face, just work it train your muscle and build your success carrer. when you have money you can pick anyone you like, forget about the love you get from attracted girl, just find the girl who like with you cause your successfull carrer.

  • You were made fun of mostly by black kids...is that because you grew up in a predominatly black area? If that is the case, then I would suppose that is the reason why that racial background made fun of you mostly.

    We all have imperfections, which remain mostly visible to us if we dwell on them. Love yourself. "Love your flaws because they are what make you perfect."

    Doing great with the ladies isn't something that is solely based on looks. I've seen unattractive people with partners, left and right like there is no tomorrow.

    Your time will come to be in a relationship...you just have to keep putting yourself out there

    and remain patient. I know waiting will seem like forever, but trust me that day will come.

    Just take all those negative ways you feel about yourself and use them towards positive energy.


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  • You've hit rock bottom. This is great. I used to be utterly respectful to women until I hit rock bottom and realized there's a reason most guys treat women so badly. If you can combine the two you've made yourself a catch, but it's very tricky. Try being an a**hole. See the other side of it. Eventually you'll find a middle ground.

    Point is, a change needs to happen. Maybe you need to give up on love, or maybe you need to give up on yourself.

    • I never giving up on myself, I would definitely give up on love and focus on making money to achieve full blown success like Bill Gates, Jay-Z and even Eminem

    • If you're into money, sure. I'm more into the wisdom scene- something you can probably take with you into the next life. My point is that it's possible to change yourself in major ways when you're forced to adapt. That's what I did, and I've found love when it evaded me for many years. But if you're happy being a billionaire, more power to ya.

    • I agree with you on that focusing on wisdom, I'm focusing more on the purpose of success...

  • Don't be a fool, man! Don't let those shallow western women get you down, move to Asia! The women there are less shallow, and far more friendly.

    • Honest to God I actually agree with you since I feel that I can actually talk to more Asian women then any other girls... They are nicer and truly at least give people like me a chance and don't act shallow at all..

    • You can say that again. Asia is the new land of opportunity for the honest and decent working man.

  • i hate when people say it is never too late, because in reality it is, it's better to do it in your prime years

  • yeah why not

  • just go for non western women


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