What type of cloths we need?

So I m going to Munich (Germany) , so what type of cloths I need to buy for winter. :)


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  • I was in Germany this past summer-- ah, how I wish to return!

    Be aware that the temperature will be considerably chilly, particularly if you are from an area of frequent warmth. As I write this, Munich is 32° and snowing.

    You could certainly purchase a few garments upon your arrival (which would also help disguise you from appearing too much like a tourist)... though, depending on where you are departing from, the exchange-rate may be murder.

    Various outer coats (I am fond of wool-- but it does not matter); be sure to put to thought the elements (in other words: consider if an item will potentially be easily ruined); sweaters are good to layer (which I have noticed Germans wearing, to add); long-sleeved shirts; long-pants; comfortable shoes... you may also find it wise to invest in a hat (which will assist in protecting the location that loses the most heat, of course); gloves may prove to be a good decision, depending on how often you plan to be in the outdoors.

    A winter scarf may be an intelligent buy, too.

    I wish you the best!

    Frohe Weihnachten.


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  • Its going to be pretty cold in Munich this time of year, you need lots of jumpers, layers etc... a nice thick coat! scarf, hat, gloves etc etc! Just wrap up warm!

    My family are from germany so I've been there a few times before in the winter and it gets very cold! x


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  • If you are going to be there long, just buy clothes there.

    Germany does have cold winters though. Make sure you have a outer jacket that is fairly wind resistant, and a bit loose so you can wear a shirt and sweater on underneath. Then have a warm hat and gloves and long pants like jeans and thick wool socks and sturdy shoes (a lot of their streets are cobblestone and you'll need good shoes) and you'll be set!

    Source: I studied abroad there last winter.

    • Thanks buddy

    • just remember to layer! if you get hot you can always take a layer off haha

  • Lederhosen of course

    • nice but I will try it in summer :P

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