Opinion of long hair on guys?

Say there's a fellow that by most ways of being able to tell is fairly masculine (deep voice, not a push-over, solid frame, strong, capable of physical labour, etc), but has long hair and usually wears it in a pony tail/occasionally braids. Would you think any less of him as a masculine figure because of his hair?
Thanks for the answers everyone.


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  • Long hair, to me, is very attractive on a man.

    Since hair is the very first thing I notice on a man!

    It is the ONE distinguishing feature I look for in a mate.

    If you enter a room full of attractive men and there is but ONE with long hair he immediately stands out to me. . .

    I especially love beards. Long beards!

    A man with long, healthy hair and a well groomed beard hits me in the right spot.

    The very reason I approached my fiance was because of his hair.

    He had long wavy hair down to his waist and a long beard which touched his chest.

    He had broad shoulders, a deep voice and a small waist with nice big arms, JUST the way I like 'em.

    Ruggedly handsome is what I like to call it.

    When I'm with him, I feel safe. And THAT'S what's most important.

    Most people find him intimidating.

    I tell him it's all the hair!


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  • nope used to have long hair my self and a number of blokey guys I know still have long hair ,but personally I made the choice to lop it off after watching a safety video on de-gloving and due to my job using a number of tools and machinery in confined spaces where there was a chance of it actually happening. I just decided to verge on the side of caution.

    There are a hell of a lot more effeminate flags than long hair.

  • Used to have long hair, almost shoulder length but I sort of out grew it. Also my work requires clean shaven face for respirator use, so there went the beard. Dirty work and hardhats made hair a maintenance mess. When I began training for marathons/triathlon, and the hair got shorter and shorter. Now basically a crew cut, military type and kept it that way. Maybe not attractive to girls that want long hair but there are others that find my clean cut OK.

  • Hairs till the beginning of the shoulders are OK, but not more. Ponytail: silly and affected. That`s something for narcissistic guys and some machos.


    • Haha, is it really so uncommon for a woman to admire a man with long locks?

    • It really kind of is. Ya always get told to cut it, and sh*t like that. I've come across about two females (aside from family) who have made a positive comment about my hair.

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