How often do you honestly wear and wash clothing?

Lately I've been at home for months, so, I have been lazing and not doing laundry -__- ... only because by time I get up in this weather (england) ... I know it won't dry.

So, I'll admit to:

Boxers: 20 hours +/- 2 hours.

T-shirts: 45 hours +/- 4 hours.

Jeans: 70 hours +/- 5 hours.

Say average day of wear is 14 hours (8am - 10pm).

And here's a link on a survey I found on habits being looser than assumed:


So how about you guys?


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  • Boxers: 10 hrs +/- 2 hrs

    T-shirts: 18 hrs +/- 2 hrs

    Jeans: 40 hrs +/- 2 hrs

  • I wash clothing every weekend. Doing it right now... I shower every morning and put on clean clothing.

    • LOL thumbs down for good hygiene.

    • oh dear lol.

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