He likes me and I sorta like him?

Well, keeping it short. He is madly in love with me and he is super nice and very honest.. treats me right, and everything I ever wanted in a boyfriend... but, he doesn't have much looks.. I don't know what to do. I do like him a lot. but I don't know about his looks. I'm not sure... :(


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  • so... do you like him or not? if you like him, even through his looks- you should go for him. but if looks are such a big factor, and you don't like him because of it- don't lead him on and don't go for him lol.

    • its not that looks are such a huge part of how I like a guy. but I should also add... he lives 6 hours away from me... and we never get too see each other as well... and I am not sure if I like him are not.

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    • haha. lol... I don't think I helped much- but you're welcome =P

    • u helped :)

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  • If you aren't sure you like him you are leading him on by staying with him.


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