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Do you believe that the most gorgeous women usually have the self-esteem of women several levels lower. Could this be because men don't approach them and they take this as a reflection on themselves when it is really the result of men being intimidated. Men often stare at me but I've only been approached three times. One of the guys just wanted a sex buddy and the others just ask questions like they wanted to get to know me. They seemed very nervous. One of the guys I see around regularly and he stares at me in awe a lot of the time. I'm insecure so I think what's on my face. I found out that this one guy likes me but he did not tell me. I'm sad about this as I like him back. It feels like he is scared of me.


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  • Not every gorgous girl have low self-esteem because I have noticed gorgous girls get hit on so much they become very picky and they know what they want. But again you probably need to learn to chat to the guy you think is right for you, since guys were not born pick up artists.

    • I never said that every hot girl has self esteem issues. An yeah your right I need to make more effort in approaching guys I like. It works both ways yeah.

    • Definately girls in general don;t make 'any' effort. I am tired of careless girls these days honestly, they think the guys has to always do all the hard work, some contribution would be very nice. Because, honestly I got this girl's number and she is cute OK but I swear to GOD I don;t want to see her face because she makes no effort. Its about two people working together.

  • It's a myth, like when someone says people can think there not attractive when they are. It never actualy happens

    • What do you mean.

    • Attractive girls don't have low self esteem because of men not approaching them. They have pleanty of guys approxhing them.

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