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I have a naturally gorgeous complexion. Pale skin. I have rosy cheeks, freckles(: on my cheeks and forehead, really white teeth, green eyes, long hazelnut hair, and yeah. I use purple eyeshadow, little mascara, brown eyeliner on the bottom, and very little blush. I like this look because it comes across natural and isn't too much. My question is, from taking what you know about my appearance, what other things would you recommend me doing to my appearance&hair&wardrobe? ALL KINDS OF ANSWERS ARE WELCOME.

**I hardly ever ask about beauty products and input from complete strangers, but what the heck?!


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  • > I have a naturally gorgeous complexion.

    Good grief. You're not starting off well. Leggo my ego. https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=F-Yq1I8gIA0&feature=related

    >I use purple eyeshadow

    So you take your naturally gorgeous complexion and smother it with purple eyeshadow.

    How could you?

    > I like this look because it comes across natural and isn't too much

    Sounds like a lot. And doesn't this fake natural look clash with your naturally gorgeous complextion?

    > what other things would you recommend me doing to my appearance&hair&wardrobe?

    Yeah. Knock it off. YOu're trying way too hard.

    If you have a naturally gorgeous complextion then you're messing it all up with the other stuff.

    Relax a little.

    Heck, relax a LOT. Stop worrying so much.

    • yeah, I LOL'd at the first line, and then lol'd even harder when she contradicted herself with the eyeshadow. I've yet to see purple eyeshadow that looks "natural"

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  • Purple eyeshadow on green eyes isn't too much? I wouldn't call that a natural look.

    I'd give that up, as well as the brown eyeliner, and just rely on the green eyes and freckles and maybe a little flesh colored liner for your look. Otherwise, I don't know how to improve on you!

  • You're easy on the eyes. Are you easy on the ears?

    • Not if she keeps going on about her naturally gorgeous complextion (sorry I can't get past that comment. Reminds me of Frieda (from the Charlie Brown cartoons) with her naturally curly hair which she always seemed to comment on - several times in each episode she appeared in.

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    • I mean she's not easy on the ears if she keeps on about her naturally gorgeous complexion.

    • Accidently reported your comment Ugliness. Really sorry :/ Forgot that you can't give thumbs up to comments...

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  • eyeliner only on the bottom is weird. A thin bit of eyeliner only on the top outer half would look more natural. Also, maybe try some neutral copper and beige and gold tone shadows for everyday instead of purple. If you don't already, try using cream blush it looks more natural than powder, especially if you don't wear foundation.

    • I go light though. and I hate it on the top cause it isn't necessary. thanks for the other input!

    • yeah agreed. even if there is mascara on top, it looks odd to have liner on the bottom alone.

    • yeah it honestly does. It's best to do only top, top and bottom, or none at all. Bottom alone is awkward :\ but if you like it..

  • As someone else said, if your ego is that huge to call yourself gorgeous, why do you even wear makeup?You obviously think a lot of yourself.

  • ... But why wear makeup if your naturally gorgeous?

  • Liner on the bottom alone is fine, I don't understand why people are having a big issue with that but since you have a light complexion as well as light hair I wouldn't use black.. it could be over powering a bit same goes with purple eyeshadow (though I see what your doing since you have green eyes). Go for more of natural look, and by that go with natural colors like browns, gold, greys or beige. You could even do a smokey eye (top and bottom) with brown I think that would look great on you.

    i would have added links if I could, but just Google brown smokey eye.

  • Pic please.

  • well if you think you're gorgeous why wear make up?

  • I don't like eyeliner on the bottom alone. I think it would look better with less or more neutral eyeshadow, a line of liner on top, and a thin bit in the bottom lashes.

    • Well I only use it on the bottom because I use black mascara..and I go light on the bottom of the eye w/the liner. it's not like I go heavy on it hahaha

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