New back to school look? Any ideas? =)

So its going to be the start of a new year and I need some ideas on something I can do with my look to change it. The reason is, that I'm quite bored of looking the same all the time.

I have practically no color on my features. I have mid waist very very dark brown (pretty much black) wavy hair and big dark brown eyes. I also have full lips and a heart shaped face. No high cheekbones though. :/ Any ideas on how I can do my makeup for school? Hair, appearance? No clothing though, because I have a uniform. Thank you! :)
I can't access YouTube btw.


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  • I imagine you with hair down and wavy with a statement headband (bold color, bow, feather, sparkles, etc) and some neutral brown shadow and brick red lipstick. I'd have to see a picture to be certain that it would look good on you, though.


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