Ladies, what do you see from a man's hairstyle?

Lately I've been thinking that a person's hairstyle describes his/her personality. First impression is important and thus choosing the correct hairstyle is important to send the right message. What I'm trying to ask is what do you ladies think when you see a man's haircut. What do you think when you see a short hair? medium hair? long hair? do you prefer straight, spiky, or wavy hair? personally I want to try going for long hair but sometimes I feel it makes me look grim but I'm actually not. I'm calm person but also one that doesn't always follow the rules or norms. I often do things opposite of what people expect me to do, not because I want to be different but rather I find what most people do don't go along with my thoughts. I'm simple and straight-forward. What kind of hairstyle do you think fits my personality?


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  • Basically all I get from the hairstyle is whether they care about how they look or not.


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