Girl who looks like this? (what shape would you say your body is? )

stand at 5ft 5in, weighs 145 lbs, big boned, wear's size 10 dress,10's & 11 in (teen) pant's. I can't tell what shape my body is?


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  • I have the same body type but approximately 7 inches taller. I would say that is curvy?

    Your body shape depends on where you gain fat. Boobs? Top heavy Stomach? Apple shaped

    or Butt? Pear shaped

    • im C36 and 11 in teen pants?

    • Well.. I don't know where you gain your weight, and that's generally how you tell what your shape is. I would figure our yours by looking at the mirror at your proportions. It's not so much the size you wear as your build.

  • I would say you are more pear shaped. I like to say I myself am more hourglass shaped.


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