When is the artist attractive?

I just saw a question where the 'poor, artist/poet' is not considered attractive so here are some questions:

Is it the artsyness that is unattractive?

What if he wasn't poor, what if he was a bestselling author?

What if he was poor, and was a working class low pay day job, and liked to do art in the evenings?

What if he was also very masculine?

What other 'adaptions' could you make to the artist to make him attractive? Or is an artsy guy just not attractive to you, and if so, why is that?


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  • I find artistically talented guys attractive...

    well, at least ones that play music and ones who draw...


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  • Being an arsty girl, I find any type of artsy guy very attractive. Especaily if he can act or has some knowledge of Broadway. That's hot.

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    • Yeah Broadways's awesome lol! What's your favorite musical?

    • Wicked :D and then Les Miserables

  • I happen to think that being artistic is very attractive, actually, come to think of it it doesn't even matter if the art sucks.. Wealth shouldn't be a factor and the person should be judged by their character, I mean isn't it great that the guy is doing what he loves instead of what others think he should be doing? Attractiveness should be based on how a person acts and the tings they do, not their paycheck. ^^

  • Artistic people are usually more emotional , I wish guys were more emotional so YES artistic guys are attractive .

    Im an artist myself , poor but AN ARTIST :D

  • An artistic guy would be seriously attractive to me :)

  • Artsy guys are hot :)


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