Why do guys I like always end up going for bleach blondes?

OK, I know I'm not hideous to look at because a lot of guys have told me I have a cute/pretty face and nice legs. But, the last three guys that really seemed like they were into me ended up not asking me out and getting bottle blond girl friends a week or two later out of nowhere. It just weird that it is always that and not some different hair color. Any idea why this is?

I have medium red brown hair if you were wondering.


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  • We are social creatures. Some of the most iconic beautiful women were blondes.

    My last girlfriend had brown hair but dyed it blond cause she got more attention that way. It's the sad truth. Oh, and she grew up with a Marilyn Monroe poster by her childhood bed since she was very little.

  • I doubt it's hair color alone that made these guys choose other girls over you. Dye your hair blond to find out for sure.


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