Anyone with some good fashion sense? Need your helping picking a suit.

I have some graduate job interviews coming up and I was planning on finally investing on a suit for the closet. I am horrible with these sort of decisions and would be great if I could get some opinions. Looking at my picture try to give me some advice tailored (no pun intended) towards me. Perhaps what colors to look for? Black, Grey, Blue. What suit type? Shirt color? Just give me your opinion and maybe some rational for it?

Note: I would describe my body shape as wide, I am not short but I have fairly broad shoulders. I have tanned skin, maybe this would affect what colors I should wear.

Anyway any advice is appreciated, I have no experience in the formal wear department.


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  • Not black. Its not the most conservative.

    Charcoal or navy. If you're tanned, navy might look better imho. But if you prefer charcoal, get it. Single breasted, two or three button (but not a high three button), single or double vent.

    Shirt - white is safe, and for interviews, I'd wear white. The next 'standard' color for men's dress shirts is light blue (followed by pink). Get a couple white shirts, then look into blue or stripes.

    If your shoulders are naturally broad, don't get something with built up shoulders - just clean and fits well, make sure the body is taken in to wear it fits well.

    I half a soft spot for double windsors, but some people think they look a little ... much. Learn to tie everything from four in hand to double windsor, decide based on the tie ... also the collar. A wide spread collar calls for a larger knot, a point collar for a narrower knot.

    For interviews, black shoes, leather sole, black belt. Brown shoes/belt look good with navy but safe it for slightly less formal settings.

    What's your budget?

    • Dunno really. Have to squeeze Dad for it. Hopefully 250-400 dollars not including shoes.

    • I would guess within the next month for some brief window, brooks brothers will have 40% off all suits. Their base line (suiting essentials) are regularly 600 (2 for 900). 60% off would put that in your range. Lots of other options I imagine, but that would be one.

    • I meant to say 40% both times.

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  • Black is classy but I would say for you to get a dark blue or a charcol grey. Something that makes you stand out from the crowd. everyone has a black suit. try an ivory shirt it goes with everything the same as white . something not as dark as cream, but a pure white might be harsh against your skin if your tanned. You can have fin with ties then, but I would recommend learning to tie a double windsor not just a single, it is much more business and makes it look like you kow what you are doing in the suit.

    hope this helps


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  • I found black works for interviews and weddings but I recently discovered grey works very well!

    I would go to a mens wear house or a syms but beware they work off of commission lol


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