Is the way it looks THAT Bad?

Hi,I go to a school where the rules SAY you're required to keep your shirts tucked in, but they've never enforced it. However, after the Christmas Holidays they said they will enforce it. Also, just after New Years, I'm starting a job that DEFINITELY requires it. I actually wouldn't mind except that SO MANY girls do! What's so bad about it? Do people just not find it comfy enough, or am I gonna be looking totally stupid? I used to think it was kind of cute with the right outfit. Now, I'm not so sure. PLEASE help me! Thanks...


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  • I also think it could look cute with the right outfit. I think people just associate it with geeks because in movies and stuff the nerd always tucks their shirt in and has their pants super high lol. But times have changed and a cute tshirt tucked into a pair of jeans with a belt can look adorable :)

    • OH, thank you! That makes total sense N makes me feel a whole lot better! Can't tell you how much I appreciate it...

  • With a good outfit it can look adorable lol


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