A man says has a big back side?

Now in my book that's a good thing. I am a fan of women who actually have figures and curves. I know that what he said and the way he said it maybe dead wrong. I am just wondering if any women out there would ever consider a man saying that a compliment?


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  • It depends on the way it's said. I've been told I had a "juicy booty" and I've been called thick. I didn't mind because I know those are compliments. If someone told me I had a big butt or a wide-load or something like that, I'd be really offended and probably not like that person all too much.

    If you want to compliment a girl on her "assets", be sure to give it a positive spin or keep it to yourself.

  • I actually wouldn't...I don't think he should have said anything about her body...anyway, for myself, I'd prefer "cute" or "nice" backside maybe or no comments about my rear at all...lol


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