What are hot clothes for guys at the clubs?

so you're pulling up at the club, just spent the last two hours in the bathroom doing your hair and makeup, you skipped dinner to fit in that sexy little dress...

what do you want to see guys/me wearing? what outfit is going to make you say "wow! I really hope he comes over and talks to me"?

be detailed! shoes (color and style), belt (traditional buckle, big, sleek flat), facial hair (short, beard, stubble), tie (skinny, reg), jewelry (watch, necklace, cufflinks), etc...

...i'm going to new york for a week for new years and need to know what to pack, I don't go clubbing very much


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  • I would say for me (i'm from the Uk) white shirt, skinny black tie,black skinny jeans-clean shaven or stubble and a pair of brogues. But that's my opinion every girls different, plus every guys different of what clothes/syle suits them.

  • I always think guys look good in shirts, with a bit of stubble going on... BUT I am from the UK, so I'm not sure the same would apply to the girls in New York!


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