Women wearing sweats in public? Is it ok?

There are times when I want to dress up and look glamours, so I do my hair and makeup really nice just for myself. People think I do it to attract attention but really some days I just want to “ feel good about myself” …when you look good you feel good. Other days, I am in a relaxed mood and I will go to the grocery store or outside the house in sweats ( Victoria secret, aeropostale, etc). I read this article that says “ you will be single forever because it drives me away” but that’s me. I dress for myself, and I feel if you can’t accept me, f you. I mean seriously , I am not going to break my neck in heels when my feet hurt just to attract a man. What are you opinions? I get so tired of being told how I should change who I am to attract a man, or hold my tongue, or wear uncomfortable things "all the time" to keep them interested. Yes I am single, and maybe my vicky sweats may turn you off, but they make ME happy when I am just having a down day, and don't feel like breaking my neck in heels. I am just a really down to earth , laid back chick...
if this is lazy, then I will be happy single, I change for no one. Sometimes I go out right before going to the gym. Noting wrong with a workout gear. If you can't accept it , keep trucking. You don't deserve me.


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